we are innovative.

Fusion has always been on the cutting edge of innovation. We piloted one of the world’s first-ever pharmaceutical training operations via satellite for Bausch + Lomb. We designed one of the first websites for an association, which are now a staple in every online marketing plan in the industry. We were one of the first companies to design and deploy a hybrid meeting between five unique locations – allowing attendees the chance to engage with each other from afar. And we developed a number of the first online associations such as University Women.

Now, at the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we find ourselves at the helm of a variety of new technologies that are making our world even more interactive. Fusion is now bringing augmented reality and virtual reality to the forefront of the association world – creating impact with experiences that engage attendees in ways we could have never imagined a decade ago.



virtual reality


deliver your message in virtual reality for a more immersive storytelling experience

Virtual reality is becoming an ever-popular medium for storytelling and training. Enhance your presentations with immersive environments that exhilarate your base. Fusion has developed a number of virtual reality experiences for our clients. What story would you like to tell?

Some of the more popular uses for VR we have designed:

Virtual Conference Centers/Staging Set-ups/Virtual General Session Spaces

All that is needed to get started are the CAD drawings from your venue, and we can generate a virtual conference floor for your attendees to enjoy. This also helps meeting planners envision what their conference media will look like in their space.

Functional Medical/Biological Simulations

We are piloting the way toward the future with our use of virtual reality in elearning courses. This new technology allows for people in the medical field to really get inside their process and see a variety of anatomical models in a 3D space, explore the body on a microscopic level, and more.

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augmented reality

augmented reality to bring your messaging and marketing media to life

Traditional methods of print media advertising and marketing collateral are coming to life with the integration of augmented reality. Your brochure or pamphlet can now be triggered using augmented reality to display a variety of rich media including videos, images, links, audio, 3D objects, and much more.  This will turn what can sometimes become mundane media into a visceral storytelling experience that ensures your full story is delivered with clarity.

Uses of augmented reality

Creating an interactive timeline of your brand’s history with augmented reality triggering a variety of media that binds your story.

Creating interactive sales material with augmented reality that will allow your potential customers to learn more about your product and then buy directly from the ad after learning more.

Telling a deeper story by adding several layers of media to your presentation to embellish points with video, audio, imagery, and polling – all triggered by augmented reality.

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