The Fusion Productions AI-powered “smart newsletter” learns your content preferences based on what you choose to read, so keep reading and keep learning!

Keeping on top of relevant conventions and events news and critical trends is a major challenge for all of us in the industry. Sorting through hundreds of pages across key industry magazines and their advertorials to solve your “today” problem is a major time commitment and a strain on natural resources.

But what if we could “train” the Internet to deliver exactly what we want to read when we want to read it?  

Today that "what if” is a “can do!" Fusion has been working with to curate content that we think you will find useful. That content will be the basis of a twice per month newsletter. Equipped with an artificial intelligence engine, that “smart” newsletter has the ability to learn what you want to read – not what we think you want to read. Essentially, as you engage with the content in the newsletter, the AI engine will learn your preferences and suggest the most relevant articles to you.

We are excited to share this new technology and valuable resource with you! Not only will you train the AI to learn your preferences, we also hope that you can begin to imagine how this technology can bring value to your associations, chapters, and colleagues.


provided by

Hugh Lee, President