Fusion Productions in the MPI Spring 2019 Meetings Outlook

“Because of the diversity of needs and people’s expectation for personalization, they expect to come to your meeting and find what they want, when they want it,” says Hugh K. Lee (MPI Upstate NY Chapter), president of Fusion Productions in Webster, N.Y., near Rochester.

That’s the world we live in. Meeting design has shifted to, ‘How do we create experiences and give a lot of different options?’
— HUGH K. LEE, MPI Upstate NY Chapter, Fusion Productions

Lee typically has five or six options going on simultaneously, so attendees can have the experience they are looking for, no matter how diverse their needs. “We might have workshop tracks going on in leadership,” he

says. “In that same area, in a large community space, we might have a ‘future of engagement’ lab, where people can go and do hands-on demos, such as virtual reality with goggles. We’ll have galleries of augmented reality but also old-school design, with collaboration areas, chairs, tables and blackboards. We’ll also have an area called The Center, where everyone can bring one question to the keynote who spoke that morning.” The key is bringing together people with the same interests.

“That’s kind of the secret sauce,” Lee says. “We want people who are thought leaders to talk to the keynotes.”

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Hugh Lee, President