Augmented Reality in the Conference Space

Are you looking for an exciting way to engage your attendees while still bolstering your brand? Consider using Augmented Reality at your next conference to enhance all of your media from top to bottom. At Fusion, we took the opportunity at a recent conference to showcase several ways of doing this and integrated augmented reality into many of the pieces of conference media.


Leaders in the association world are always looking for new ways to showcase founding members, award recipients, and sponsors. We recently printed a series of posters for digitalNow’s Leaders of Distinction Program. Each poster was linked to a video of the leader making a statement about what lead them to their success. This was a perfect way to showcase this esteemed group and provided a platform for attendees to learn more about each one of the leaders.


Today, conference food and beverage is a personal experience. Attendees want to know what is being served, how it is being prepared, and where the ingredients were sourced. AR helped us meet their needs in an engaging way. We created a poster that showcased the Chef of the Orange County Convention Center where digitalNow 2019 was held. We used to a poster that when scanned with the SnapPress app launched a video each day of the Chef discussing what inspired the dining experience that day.  The menus themselves were then added so that the user can swipe between morning, mid-day and evening dining options.

Every attendee wears a badge, so why not add attendee value to it? On our badges, we added links to download the app, and an adapted agenda (via ICal) attendees could see what was coming up next by simply scanning their badge.


On the tradeshow floor, we used AR to provide added value to our sponsors. A video plays when the posters are scanned that showcase the company’s key features.  Next to the video are links to the sponsor’s website, social media accounts, key products, and contact information for getting in touch. All of these are triggered when the user scans the poster.  This is a great way to engage with sponsors on a more personal level and to give them greater visibility to your attendees.

We have developed interactive timelines with AR in celebration of associations anniversaries. The AR timelines guide users through the history of the association.

In one case, we created one large, printed timeline and linked to it. As viewers scanned the timeline, historical media pieces played on the viewers phone. Through video, audio, image galleries, social media walls, 3D objects, and much more, the timelines come alive before the user.

Your conference will come alive with Augmented Reality. AR can enhance nearly every facet of your conference brand and will allow attendees to experience your brand and your message in a new way.