elearning solutions.

Learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom anymore. For busy professionals, it often occurs online and on the move. Fusion’s elearning services include everything from strategy consultation to final course delivery to your Learning Management System. Don’t have one? We can work with you to find one that best fits your needs and budget.

fusion productions is proud to offer a wide spectrum of elearning and instructional design services.


Here is what some of our clients have said

Fusion developed a next-generation learning portal strategy to move ASHRAE’s 160+ elearning courses from an overseas LMS service provider to a new LMS platform. They migrated, tested, and adjusted 162 courses in a 60-day conversion period.
Fusion developed the AFP signature certification course program from a face-to-face seminar to online delivery in AFP’s new LMS platform. We worked with subject matter experts and key AFP leadership to produce a highly interactive and engaging program.
Fusion developed health-related continuing elearning courses for New York State’s school nurse population. The goal of the suite of courses is to deliver timely content to school nurses who do not have the means travel to training sessions.

Here is a sample of some of our elearning courses we designed for clients like you.